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Keep Them!"

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Introducing: Retention Secrets, The Ultimate Course in Customer Retention.
Works For ALL Businesses: Online, Offline, SAAS, Membership, Subscription, etc.

Regular Price: $2000.00

Special Introductory Offer: Only $990 (including 3 Bonuses)


Ready to learn the secrets of customer retention?

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Dear Friend,

It all started with a visit to my local gym...

It was a cold January morning in Salt Lake City in 2013, and one of my new year's resolutions was to get in shape. 

Salesman Steve slid the paperwork over his desk to me and as I signed up, I couldn't help but wonder if I'd beat the stats.  Stats?  Yeah, ironically, that same morning I had read a news article that said  82% of people who join a gym in January cancel within 3 months!

Woaaah!  That's crazy!  That has to be the worst retention rate of almost any industry, right?!

As it happened, this particular gym was well aware of the challenge, and as soon as I had signed on the dotted line, Steve smoothly guided me through a checklist of items clearly designed to WOW me, and avoid the dreaded cancellation.

As a business owner and ever curious marketer, as soon as Steve showed me the new member 'checklist' I immediately started studying and analyzing what they were doing, and it made me even more curious.

First, Steve sincerely congratulated me for my decision.  Next, he gave me a tour of the facility and introduced me to key members of staff.  Then he took me into a high-tech room that looked a bit like a lab, and introduced me to Tiffany, who measured my body mass, blood pressure, heart rate, and so on, as a "baseline to work from."  And so it went on... I was escorted like a celebrity from one area to another, rolling out the red carpet.  The tour ended in the on-site juice bar where I was given a really cool sports bag, and then invited to order whatever I liked off the menu, as a welcome gift!

As I was sipping my freshly squeezed "Julicious" juice, Steve explained that all sales staff had been meticulously trained to take new members through a carefully designed 'hand-holding' process, and that it was working really well.

"How well?" I asked.  I couldn't help myself.

"Well, let me ask my boss, he's right here" Steve replied, helpfully.

A quick discussion ensued, and get this... the long and short of it was that the gym had reduced new member cancellations from 74% down to 48%, within the first 12 weeks.

To say that's an epic result is a gross understatement.  It was nothing short of a revolution for their business.  They had been able to slash their front-end marketing costs by 62%, and net profits were up more than 25% because they were keeping so many more members than previously. 

Bottom line is, they didn't need to put so much time, effort, and money into customer acquisition anymore, because they were keeping the gym full MOSTLY with existing members!

Considering that experience was more than 10 years ago, you might be interested to know that I remained a member of that gym until I moved to California!

More importantly, the cleverly designed retention process I experienced had a huge impact on me, and it led me on a quest to study and master the topic of customer retention.

Fast forward to today, I'm considered one of the world's leading experts on the topic, I'm invited to speak Internationally about it at industry events like The Subscription Show, and I help companies implement proven systems for customer retention.  Some people call me a subscription scientist, but I prefer to say "Retention Geek!"

But before I get too ahead of myself, I want to share the first big 'aha' moment I had, with you on the topic of retention...

The Marketing Pendulum Has Swung Too Far!

What do I mean by this?  Well, for some bizarre reason...

The vast majority of businesses focus their efforts entirely on customer acquisition and they ignore retention.

It's true.  It's an epidemic.  Some silicon-valley startups even pride themselves on valuing their company based only on the number of new customers they acquire!

Oh, some businesses think they're giving attention to retention, but I'll let you in on a dirty little secret... their efforts to 'handle' customer retention are usually so misguided they inevitably backfire and give the business a bad reputation.

I'll prove it to you...

I was recently invited to a roundtable discussion that included the founders of some well-known subscription service companies.  The topic of retention came up, and two of the founders gleefully shared that their 'solution' to retention was to "hide the cancel button."   I just about spit out the water I was drinking, because I now know that thinking is so misguided!  Their 'fix' is the exact opposite of what you should do!

Here's the simple truth that you haven't been told...

It's a LOT easier to make money by KEEPING customers,
rather than acquiring them.

So, with the marketing pendulum stuck in position towards customer acquisition, I created a course to help as many businesses as possible to bring the balance back to BOTH customer acquisition and retention.  When those two elements are in harmony, a business sees their profits increase, customers are happier, they receive higher valuations during exit, and a host of other benefits.

You've spent time and money to get your customers...
Why keep flushing that time and money down the toilet?!

H E L L O !

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Andrew Lock, I’m British, and I'm the presenter of the popular WebTV show, "Help My Business!" and author of 9 best-selling business books, including "Walt's Way" and "Big Lessons from Big Brands."

In 2013 I became intensely fascinated by the topic of customer retention.  And since then I’ve devoted thousands of hours to studying it, including testing countless strategies, which ultimately led me to devise a proven system.

Along the way, I’ve helped literally thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs to build a better business and even become financially free.

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O N L I N E   T R A I N I N G 

"Retention Secrets" - The Ultimate Guide to Customer Retention

It's 100% video based training, designed to help you keep your customers along as possible.

There are 13 modules, and you’ll learn the most advanced and proven member retention strategies that work for any business.

It's risk-free, and 100% guaranteed.

This could very well be a life-changing opportunity for you. The ability to KEEP customers buying from you over and over again is like pure gold for any business...

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The results speak for themselves...

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"I was totally amazed at such an easy to follow system. This is an awesome resource. Highly recommended.”

- Andrew Fox, Dublin, Ireland

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"I learned tips, tricks, and strategies that I've never heard ANYONE discuss.  Andrew is a marketing genius, and way ahead of his time."

- Allyn Cutts, Allentown, PA

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“Retention Secrets is the most thorough, practical, and well-presented course on retention out there.  If you sell any kind of subscription or membership, you need this training!  It’s also easy to follow,and the scripts and templates are extremely valuable.”

- Itay Paz,, Israel

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"This course went far and beyond my expectations. Andrew Lock is a marketing genius, and this training is packed full of highly actionable strategies without the fluff and theories. I've invested over $100k in courses and programs. over the past few years, and this one is easily at the TOP of my list."

Joe Soto, Advisor to Digital Marketing Agencies


What's Included In The System?

This is a comprehensive training program, with lifetime access! 

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In this first lesson, I'll share why it's so important to give attention to retention, and invite you to consider some powerful case-studies.

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In this lesson, I'll introduce you to the Harvard Business Review study that steered my radically different approach and thinking about retention.

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Learning from the old adage: "You can't improve what you don't measure", I'll show you the two best ways to measure effective retention.

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In this lesson you'll discover the more than 20 wildly different reasons why people stop buying or cancel a subscription service.

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In this lesson, we'll review how MOST businesses unwittingly have the wrong, antiquated approach to customer retention.

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In this lesson, we'll discuss the retention strategy of orientation, which encompasses the entire customer onboarding experience.

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In this lesson, we'll delve into the retention strategy of Instant ROI, which is all about delivering maximum value, fast.

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Connection: when customers feel connected to you and your business in some way, they’re far more likely to stick around. 

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In this lesson, we'll look at how it's vital to recognize customers at every possible opportunity so they feel valued.

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The ladder of ascension is an essential component that most businesses neglect.  You'll see many examples of how to build it.

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In this lesson, we'll go deep into the technical processes of how you manage customers, through your CRM system.

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In this lesson, we'll consider how to handle refund requests appropriately, and how to determine genuine requests.

Stop Customer Churn, Improve Retention, and Discover the Lucrative Power of Loyalty, 100% Guaranteed!

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Here's a taste of what you'll learn in this course:

  • 7 critical retention strategies you must know about and implement

  • The paradigm shift in customer acquisition vs retention

  • The 2 most frequently made mistakes in onboarding

  • What you MUST know about calculating the churn rate

  • 4 magic words Netflix uses to drastically reduce cancellations

  • The membership trick most SAAS companies don’t know about

  • How to (at least) double subscription income

  • The giant myth about email communication

  • 3 very practical strategies for handling refund requests effectively

  • An eye-popping demonstration of the ladder of ascension

  • The SECRET that explains why people cancel vs stay

  • Why hiding the cancel button invariably backfires

  • What to do when someone calls into customer service to cancel

  • The communication tool that’s even more effective than email

  • 7 step system for creating an effective onboarding video (with scripts)

You'll also get these 3 Valuable Bonuses...

Invest in the Retention Secrets System today, you'll also receive...
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"Consult Call with Andrew"

If you ever get stuck or need specific help along the way, you can schedule a consulting call with me, where I'll be happy to guide you.
(Normally $500.00)


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"Unlimited Email Support"

Rest assured, I'm here to help you implement the system, so if you have specific questions about how to use the system in your business I'm happy to advise you. 
(Value: Priceless)


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"Real-World Case Studies"

Get real-world samples of onboarding Video, ringless voicemail messages, and scripts you can use as a template.
(Value: Priceless)

What's the Investment For Retention Secrets?

As you probably know, a college or university course typically costs tens of thousands, often much much more. Some students leave with nothing more than a piece of paper and a huge debt to pay off. Certainly, there’s no guarantee of income, let alone recurring income every month!

This transformational course is the culmination of countless years of research, testing, and experience.

Frankly, to hire me personally for a consultation about retention would cost you $8,000.00 a day – and even then you’d be on a waiting list.

Initially I contemplated a fee of $2,000.00.  I felt that was more than fair, since I can guarantee a return for anyone who follows my system explicitly.

However, since this training is new and I'm in the process of collecting more testimonials for it, I ultimately came up with a number that I think you’ll be really excited about...

For a limited time, you can access everything, including one on one support with me, for a one-time investment of $990



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✔️  "Retention Secrets" Online Training (Value: $500.00)
✔️  Bonus #1: Consult call with Andrew (Normally $500.00)
✔️  Bonus #2: "Unlimited Email Support" (Value: Priceless)
✔️  Bonus #3: Real-world case-studies, and scripts" (Value: Priceless)

TOTAL VALUE = $2000.00+

NOW ONLY: $990

✔️  "Magiska Barnbilder" (Ord pris: 995 kr)
✔️  #1: "Hitta Perfekta Fotoplatsen" (Värde 125 kr)
✔️  #2: "Fånga Genuina Uttryck" (Värde 125 kr)
✔️  #3: "Klädguide för Fotograferingar" (Värde 125 kr)

TOTALT VÄRDE = 1 370 kr

Pris idag: 299 kr

"YES! I'm Ready to Get Started!"
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Your Purchase is Guaranteed!

In life and in business there are no guarantees, but the Retention Secrets System is different in every way.  I'm determined to help you succeed!

I believe in a strong guarantee, to remove all risk for you:

Invest in the system today, follow along with my step-by-step instructions, take action to implement what you learn, and I promise that:

1. The training will be presented without 'geek-speak,' in plain English that you can understand.

2. You'll be shown everything you need to transform customer retention effectively in ANY business.

3. Using my one-on-one support whenever you need it, you will have all your questions answered about the training.

If you do your part as outlined above, I guarantee to do mine.  If you follow the training carefully and implement everything, and I fail to help you as described here, let me know  how you  implemented the training, and I will happily refund you in full for failing you.

This offer is valid within 60 days of your purchase!

Yes, ALL the risk is on me!

It's Decision Time!

Countless people will be reading this page around the same time as you.
I impose a cap of 28 students at a time, because of the generous one-on-one support I provide.

If you delay, you may not be able to get in, and you’ll be placed on a waiting list for when spots open up in the future.

Look, you could easily waste years of your precious time chasing other 'solutions' that are unproven and not guaranteed.  Why continue to bash your head against a brick wall day-after-day to try and resolve customer retention, when there's a faster and cheaper option right here, that’s guaranteed?

Plug yourself into my retention system. It's TESTED. It's PROVEN, and IT WORKS!

It will take you from financial frustration to financial freedom.

Go ahead and REGISTER NOW using the button below. I’m excited to witness your breakthrough!

I look forward to helping you succeed with customer retention,

Andrew Lock

P.S. Frankly, since I’m the one taking the risk with my guarantee, there should now be nothing holding you back from saying "YES" to registering for the training, because your fee is FULLY protected.





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✔️  "Magiska Barnbilder" (Ord pris: 995 kr)
✔️  #1: "Hitta Perfekta Fotoplatsen" (Värde 125 kr)
✔️  #2: "Fånga Genuina Uttryck" (Värde 125 kr)
✔️  #3: "Klädguide för Fotograferingar" (Värde 125 kr)

TOTALT VÄRDE = 1 370 kr

Pris idag: 299 kr

✔️  "Retention Secrets" Online Training (Value: $500.00)
✔️  Bonus #1: Consult call with Andrew (Normally $500.00)
✔️  Bonus #2: "Unlimited Email Support" (Value: Priceless)
✔️  Bonus #3: Real-world case-studies, and scripts" (Value: Priceless)

TOTAL VALUE= $2,000.00