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Discover How to
Build a Better Business Using the Magical Marketing Strategies of Walt Disney.




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Discover Disney's
17 Success Secrets for
Small Business Owners...

Most people think of Walt Disney primarily as a visionary (which he certainly was), but he was also a highly skilled marketer.

In this unique book, maverick marketer Andrew Lock guides you through 17 success secrets from Walt, and explains how your business can apply them to follow Walt Disney’s way.

You’ll discover valuable lessons in sales, marketing, and customer service, as well as how to create memorable experiences that will cause customers to return to you, over and over again.

As Walt himself said, "Do you what do so well, that your guests keep coming back, and bring their friends."

You’ll find this book easy to read, eye-opening, exciting, and fun to implement... and that’s just the first page!

Here's a Small Sampling Of What You Will Learn in the Pages of Walt's Way...


  • 6 Compelling Reasons Why Every Business Should Model Disney (pg 18)

  • Walt's Unusual but Successful Philosophy About Risk-Taking (Pg 24)

  • The Simplest & Most Useful Definition of Marketing You'll Ever Read (Pg 27)

  • Why Disney Strategically Stopped Selling Coke Products in the Theme Parks (and Exploded Profits) (Pg 39)

  • How to Eliminate Road Blocks to Buying (Pg 48)

  • How Disney Uses Upsells, Cross-Sells, and Scarcity (and How You Can Too) (Pg 50)

  • 3 Secrets to Profiting from Event-Based Marketing (Pg 67)

  • The Single Biggest Mistake Disney Made, and How YOUR Business Can Learn from It (Pg 73)

  • The Jaw-Dropping Power of Premium Pricing & How to Do It (Pg 77)

  • What You MUST Know About Invention vs Innovation (Ignore This & You'll Regret It) (Pg 82)

  • The REAL (Marketing Based) Reason Why Walt Called Staff "Cast Members" (Pg 90)

  • 5 Fascinating Examples of Experience-Based Marketing (Pg 99-107)

  • The Shocking "Behind-the-Scenes" Differences Between Disney and Universal (and why it matters to YOU) (Pg 116)

  • The Ridiculously Simple Way Disney Filters New Hires (YOU can use this ingenious idea too (Pg 128)

  • How Walt's Views About Culture & Values Were Way Ahead of His Time (Pg 130)

  • 3 Creative Ways Disney Keeps Guests Happy When Something Goes Wrong (You Can Use All Of These) (Pg 140)

  • How to Cope With & Recover From Trials, Setbacks, and Failures (Pg 154-158)

  • What Walt's Ingenius "Plussing Principle" Should Teach Every Business Owner About Improvement (Pg 179)

  • Walt's Surprising 2, Core Guiding Principles That Stayed at the Heart of Everything He Did (Pg 185)


Praise for Walt's Way:

“Andrew Lock has written a very creative book on how Walt Disney both thought and got things done. If you love Disney and you’re a business person, you’ll find many ideas and solutions for solving the obstacles you encounter every day.  Walt Knew that if he took care of his guests, they would take care of the bottom line.”

- Lee Cockrell, Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World (retired)

“A completely new, fresh, and fascinating insight into how Walt Disney’s approach to business can benefit any business owner and increase both their sales and profitability.

This is a unique, ground-breaking book for entrepreneurs, and I'm telling everyone who owns a business it's a must-read.”

- Dave Dee, DaveDee.com


"I've known Andrew Lock for over a decade. When it comes to marketing, he was clearly inspired by Walt Disney, and finally this book delivers those tactical strategies on how to infuse the "magic" of Disney into your business.

Read it today, and I guarantee you'll get plenty of brilliant strategies you can apply in your business!"

- Ryan Lee, Founder of Rewind

“Walt Disney’s Way should be a text-book for university marketing classes.

Whatever product you offer, this book reveals how you can implement Disney’s secrets to generate more new customers, get your customers to pay you premium prices even if there are low-priced options readily available and love you so much they can’t stop telling their friends about you.”


- Robert Skrob, RobertSkrob.com

“I’ve studied the business lessons of Disney for the past 25 years, yet still learned many new perspectives from this book!  The lessons are endless.

Andrew has done a marvelous job of collecting so many wonderful examples into tangible, action- items for entrepreneurs.

Walt Disney’s Way is a very enjoyable and informative read!”

- Susan Kruger, M.Ed, Author of Soar

“Andrew’s grasp of the Disney business model and culture almost makes it seem that he had worked there.  In this easy to read book, Andrew takes you from the early years gives insights into the how’s and why’s of Walt Disney’s creative mind.

Walt Disney’s Way is a must read for entrepreneurs who want to bring their business to the next level.”

- Vance Morris, Author of Systematic Magic


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Even More 5 Star Reviews of "Walt's Way"

"The book offers a digestible overview of the marketing and sales principles used by Walt Disney, which can be applied to small businesses for long-term success. The text is broken down into sections that makes it easy to understand the concepts. This is a useful guide for anyone interested in understanding more about marketing in general and attracting customers. I believe the author has done a great job at illustrating different marketing concepts, and the book is useful for all business owners irrespective of the size of their business. The approach here is also inspiring as Walt's failures are also taken into account and positioned as opportunities for growth."

- Ekta Kumari


"I wanted to read this book as soon as I saw it. Walt Disney is an iconic figure, and as a business-inclined woman, I was keen to know what contributed to his renowned success. I wasn't disappointed. I loved the simple and honest way Lock conveys his thoughts; I was captivated by how the Reader's Digest article reeled him in and birthed his interest in Walt Disney. Most importantly, my attention was grabbed by his powerful statement about the essence of his book, "It bridges the gap between Disney’s systems, values, and creative thinking, and applies those lessons to small business owners and their key staff." I devoured the book until the very last word!"

- Vickie Noel


"I really like that the author takes Walt Disney, a recognizable person and businessman, and teaches how to utilize the same techniques he did to make your small business more successful. I also enjoyed the author’s personal story of being a little boy in a doctor’s office who found inspiration for the rest of his life when he read an article about Disney.  He’s been to the parks like it’s a way of life for him, so I’m very curious to learn more about the ideas he wants to teach.  I like that he encourages the reader to be open-minded about things. I also like the cover design with the Cinderella castle."

- Mary Injoo


"The story of Disney Empire is astonishing. By diving into how the empire became a powerhouse, the author also indulges the readers on appropriate ways to grow their businesses. The language used is simple. I loved the author's remarks that many businesses share more similarities with Disney than differences. It made me more curious and willing to delve into the information in the book. The title also piqued my interest in this book."

- Michael Seroney


"I like anything about Walt Disney, so I would probably have bought this book from the cover alone. I've always admired Walt Disney and the magic he put into his movies and theme parks. I felt it would be interesting to learn the ideas he used in his business. I liked that Disney told his employees that their main job was to take care of the guests. The book is particularly interesting to me right now, since I am interested in starting a home business."

- Janet Overmyer


"The cover and the title indicated to me that this was a self-help book for business owners to improve their business. The book guides business owners by giving examples from the great Walt Disney. I learned some very valuable information about marketing from the book."

- Priyanka Sanjus


"Walt Disney’s Way by Andrew Lock is a book every business owner should read. I was not a fan of Walt Disney because I know nothing about him except his inspiring quotes. After reading the first ten pages of this book, I was very curious to know more about Walt, and I believe the book has vital information for me."

- Jay Odoyo


"From just the title, cover, and the first 10 pages, I was hooked, line and sinker. I am a businesswoman at heart, so learning about the marketing strategies of the greats is an absolute must for me. What I liked the most was that the book was an honest account of what the Disney franchise was able to accomplish to get to where it is today."

- Megan Davies


"The title of this book got my attention. After reading the first few pages, it confirmed that the book would be interesting. I was drawn in right away by the history and experiences of the author.
What I liked most about what I read is how the author converts the history of the Walt Disney Company into understandable lessons to follow. I know that business people interested in learning from the success of the Walt Disney Company will find this book fascinating."

- Verna Vi


"This is an absolutely delightful book. The title is catchy, and the Amazon blurb intrigued me.
Lock has a very engaging writing style. It's very easy to understand. He grabs your attention and won't let go. The book, while teaching important points businessmen should know, is liberally laced with stories that illustrate his points. There is a great deal of attention to detail. Each chapter starts with a quote from Disney that is apropos to the topic of that chapter. Lock's research into the topic is also extensive and obvious. Give this book a try! It's truly excellent."

- Laura Lee


"I like that the author visited every Disney theme park in the world for his research. That is a thorough (and fun) way to compile this information. I also like how he stressed that the information in the book was based on his own observations. The writing style is simple, and the book is short. Because the information is presented clearly and the book is short, the grammatical errors are not distracting, but I recommend having the book professionally edited for its next release."

- Margaret Hill


"I was attracted to both the cover and the title. I enjoyed it immensely. The author's story about the incident with the rental car in Orlando was painfully relatable. I'm really looking forward to finishing reading the book."

- Odette Chace


"The title of Walt Disney's Way was enough to catch my attention; it did not need to be the OnlineBookClub's book of the day in order for me to read it. I love Disney, which is why I was so attracted to it in the first place. As a recent degree graduate from the College of Business, I can see that there's much to learn from this book. Readers that are in business, own a business, and are a fan of Walt Disney will wholeheartedly enjoy what this book has to offer. I feel like this book was written just for me!"

- Katie Canedy


"I checked out this book because of the title and cover alone, because I am a former cast member at Disney World and loved my experience working there and interacting with the visitors. The Amazon blurb and customer reviews give the reader a good idea of what the book is going to reveal. I liked how the author included relevant pictures from the parks. Highly recommended."

- Bertha Jackson


"I love that this book is valuable to small businesses. Walt Disney definitely was a successful man. I have no doubt he faced many challenges and felt more than a few failures. I think this book will be a great one to read."

- Crystal Cundall


"A relatable resource that will benefit businesses and entrepreneurs. The author makes use of simple and clear language and does an excellent job of using Walt's practices as a template. The reader benefits from a scaled-down approach that is applicable to small businesses."

- Rebecca Githenya


"Walt Disney is a household name, and I'm definitely keen on harnessing the marketing strategies he employed to run his conglomerate. Andrew Lock has done a fine service understudying this business mogul and sharing this information with us."

- Vickie Noel


"A very interesting perspective--examining Walt Disney's experience and transferring that information to other businesses. I like that the book is divided into 21 chapters that address different topics in the business world. I think this would be quite a useful book for all entrepreneurs."

- Stephanie Elizabeth


"Everyone is familiar with Disney and while his success may not be repeatable, there is still plenty to learn from him. This is an inspiring book for entrepreneurs or anyone interested in gaining some tips and tricks for business."

- Sara Robinson


"What an amazing read! To be inspired by an incredible businessman like Walt Disney is one opportunity that many budding entrepreneurs shouldn't pass up. I can't wait to finish this book."

- Megan De Jager


"This is a very inspirational book for all aspiring entrepreneurs and people in the marketing industry. Everyone knows how successful Walt Disney was in his business model. To this very day thousands of persons stand in line for hours to experience any one of his parks. This book by Andrew Lock reveals many of the secrets used by Walt to ensure his success. These tactics can be applied in any business venture and meet with a lot of success. The language is simple and easy to grasp. Real life examples are also given which keeps the readers engaged. This is a truly great read. 👌🏾"

- Kimoy S Thomas


"I purchased this book after reading someone else's detailed and interesting review. This immediately caught my attention because myself and my son are both big Walt Disney fans! I love that Walts ideas are described as being magical and how it is helpful for others. Pictures of the authors visit to the theme park and quotes from Walt Disney at the beginning of the chapters make it an attractive book to pick up."

- Suzanne Pizzi Warner


"In this book, the author looks deeply into and shares the business strategies used by Walt in building his business, marketing strategies and sustainable businesses. It is an excellent read for anyone looking to start / with a business or simply interested in learning more about Walt Disney."

- Adah Makori


"Since so many people had seen Walt Disney's empire growing in front of their eyes, it's very inspiring to learn the marketing strategies of that empire and applying to their own businesses. I commend the author for this brilliant idea and the fine way in which he executed that idea."

- Anusha Thatavarthi


"Though I am not business-oriented or business-minded, I was curious about the book, and the author made several good points that really made me think. For example, the author gave the example of how he had reserved an SUV from a rental company, yet there were no SUV's available when he arrived. The company only had mini-vans available and made no attempt to satisfy the customer, which was interpreted as poor customer service. Something the author mentioned that the Disney corporation would never tolerate. The author repeats the following quote: "It's not about directly adopting what Disney does in their business, it's about adapting the lessons for your business." For anyone considering starting their own business, or maybe just improving how they do business, this book will provide some good no-nonsense advice and is an enjoyable read."

- Dave Brannon


"Walt Disney was a truly inspiring entrepreneur. His tactics and practices are worth emulating. This book does a good job teaching his way to others. I liked that it's well organized and edited."

- Elizabeth Pass


"This is an excellent handbook for entrepreneurs. Taking a successful model and adapting it to the specific circumstances of one's own business will prevent people from reinventing the wheel and from many traps that they otherwise may fall in. I wish I still were teaching business students, even if just English. I would surely get inspiration from this book to design some successful role-plays."

- Anca Codreanu


"A great read for small business owners looking to implement Disney's marketing strategies to create their own "Magic"! Even if you don't own a business but work for an organization that has customers, lots of ideas to take away and implement in your everyday dealings. Congratulations on the Book of the Day honor!"

- Anne Blanchard


"I particularly liked the fact that the book includes instances of Walt Disney's failures, which makes it factual and authentic."

- Kibet Hillary


"An excellent and insightful book on an important topic! I think too many entrepreneurs overlook the marketing aspect, focusing on other things. This book is very well-written and well-organized. I really liked the author's obvious research as shown in times when Disney failed. I also liked how the author starts each chapter with a quote from Disney that applies to that chapter's topic. It's not often a book fits a niche so well as this one does."

- Lauralee V-Jones


"Easy-to-read and highly relatable, it's a great book for anyone who owns a business. It's filled with advice, personal stories, and strategies that guide, inspire, motivate #entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in the same way Walt Disney did with his. Thank you!"

- Tara Thomas


"A great book that teaches marketing strategies gleaned from Walt Disney's way of doing business."

- Lusungu Muyangana